Tuesday March 19, 2013, 9:00

Opening Remarks – C. Görg

Session: Navigation Aids and Mobility in Health Applications (Part I) – Chair: A. Timm-Giel

Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Laboratory – BAALL (invited)    Presentation (21 MB)
Bernd Krieg-Brückner, DFKI, Director BAALL, University of Bremen

Navigation Aid for Mobility Assistants    Paper
B. Krieg-Brückner, B. Gersdorf, C. Mandel, DFKI, Bremen
C. Budelmann, Budelmann Elektronik, Bremen
M.-S. Schröder, neusta mobile solutions, Bremen

Recognizing Physical Training Exercises Using the Axivity Device    Paper
A.M. Khan, G. Kalkbrenner, M. Lawo, University of Bremen, TZI

Activity Recognition using Wearable Computer Ambient Computing    Paper
G. Kalkbrenner, A.M. Khan, M. Lawo, University of Bremen, TZI, AGKI

Coffee Break

Session: Analysis of Clinical Trials and Incident Reports – Chair: O. Herzog

Improve Patient Safety with Analyzing Large-Scale Incident Reports    Paper
M. Akiyama, Ichiro Sakata, The University of Tokyo

E-health Applications to Facilitate Healthy Lifestyles –
Findings from Meta-Analyses, Systematic Reviews and a Clinical Trial in Medical Rehabilitation
S. Lippke, Jacobs University, Bremen

Lunch Break & Demos & Posters

Tuesday March 19, 2013, 14:00

Invited Session: Developments in Medical and Health Applications – Chair: C. Görg

Information Communication and Telemedicine Technologies: The Nucleus for Global Health Care (invited)
Craig A. Lehmann, Dean School of Health Technology and Management, Stony Brook University, N.Y.

Robotics meets Medicine and Health (invited)
Michael Beetz, Head of the Research Group Artificial Intelligence, University of Bremen

The Health Economy Network in North-West Germany (invited)    Presentation (1.5 MB)
Ansgar Rudolph, Managing Director, Gesundheitswirtschaft Nordwest

Panel Discussion (Invited Speakers) – Moderator: A. Rudolph

ICT Meets Medicine and Health: From Research to Practice

19:00 Workshop Dinner (Ratskeller Bremen)

Wednesday, March 20, 9:00

Session: Information & Communication for Health Care and Emergency Applications – Chair: M. Lawo

Cloud Computing and Tele-Health (invited)    Presentation (7.4 MB)
Shmuel Einav, Director, Medical Technologies Division, CEWIT, Stony Brook University, N.Y.

Towards an Approach for Cloud Based Data Management in Clinical Trials    Paper    Presentation (1.0 MB)
N. Andres, Charité Berlin, Germany
S. Abels, Ascora GmbH, Germany

Secure and Reliable Communication for Telemedical Applications in Emergency Medical Services
Paper   Presentation (8.9 MB)
T. Brodziak, I. Forkel, P. Irla, P. Kornatowski, P. Seidenberg, P3 GmbH Aachen, Germany

Coffee Break

Session: Sensors and Systems for Health Applications – Chair: S. Einav

Neuro-Implants (invited)
Walter Lang, Director of the Institute for Microsensors, -actuators and -systems, University of Bremen
Presentation (2.2 MB)

Tumour cell fraction determination using an infrared based sensor system    Paper   Presentation (1.6 MB)
S. van den Driesche, L. Brandhoff, M. J. Vellekoop, MCB, University of Bremen
D. Pucciarelli, H. Breiteneder, C. Hafner, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
C. Haiden, Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
F. Iuliano, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava, Slovakia

Multi-parametric Physiological Measurements for sports monitoring    Paper   Presentation (1.3 MB)
D. Puchberger-Enengl, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
C. Krutzler, Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology
M. Vellekoop, IMSAS, University of Bremen

Measurement of the Long Term Performance of Endovascular Devices    Paper
B. Lynch, Uni Limerick, Ireland

Indicating Motor Symptoms in PD Patients Using AI-based Algorithms    Paper
C. Ahlrichs, M.Lawo, University of Bremen, TZI

Lunch Break & Demos & Posters

Wednesday, March 20, 14:00

Session: Navigation Aids and Mobility in Health Applications (Part II) – Chair: M. Vellekoop

Towards Sensorimotor Navigation Support for People in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease
Paper    Presentation (14 MB)
T. Gerkensmeyer, Neuroinformatics, University of Bremen
D. Wenig, Digital Media, University of Bremen

Including User Needs in Product Development    Paper
M. Modzelewski, M. Lawo, University of Bremen
P. Kirisci, BIBA GmbH, Germany
J. O’Connor, A. Fennell, National Council for the Blind (NCBI), Dublin, Ireland
Y. Mohamad, S. Matiouk, Fraunhofer FIT, Sankt Augustin, Germany
H. Gökmen, A.A.S. Karaagac, Istanbul

A Novel ICT Approach to the Assessment of Mobility in Diverse Health Care Environments
Paper    Presentation (2.9 MB)
T. Frenken, OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany
M. Gövercin, Charité Berlin, Germany

End of Program: 16:00

After the end of the program, it is possible to participate in a guided tour to the Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Laboratory (BAALL). The number of places is limited. Registration is free of charge and can be done at the workshop reception desk. At the start of the tour, the participants are requested to meet at the reception desk.