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Communication Networks Working Group



The main research focus of the ComNets group at the University of Bremen is performance analysis of communication networks and their protocols. This includes the implementation of prototypes as well as performance studies by mathematical analysis and simulation. The main keywords are: mobility support, mobile communications, wireless communications, simulation technology, rare event simulation, teletraffic engineering. Research projects are mainly funded by national and international government institutions and direct industry collaborations.


The group consists of several post-docs as well as several fully employed research assistants working on research projects and their doctoral thesis. Additionally there is a small technical and assisting team and many students working as student workers or doing their thesis.

Examination schedule in the summer semester

The schedule for all exams offered by ComNets  - Communiction Networks Theory/Systems, New Standards for Wireless LANs and Stochastic Simulations - are provided in this file. All exams take place in room N2180.


For any inquiries concerning CN Theory and Stochastic Simulation, please contact Xi Li by mail or in person in room S 2260.


For any inquiries concerning CN Systems and New Standards for Wireless LANs, please contact Andreas Könsgen by mail or in person in room S 2310.

Winners of the Maniac Challenge 2013

Isaac Supeene from the University of Alberta, Canada (visiting the ComNets group of TZI, University of Bremen based on a student research fellowship), René Steinrücken of the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and Asanga Udugama from the ComNets group of TZI, University of Bremen, won the Mainac Challenge 2013 hosted in Berlin which is a competition to better understand the cooperation and interoperability in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). Full article

Yasir Zaki together with Prof. Walke and Prof. Görg showing his award certificate

Award for ComNets scientist


Yasir Zaki gets the "Bernhard Walke Doctoral Graduation Award" which includes 1,500 € for his dissertation completed in 2012 with the title "Future Mobile Communications: LTE Optimization and Mobile Network Virtualization".