The 100 most frequent errors in performance evaluation

Titles : 
001 Uniform Distribution of Users in a Circle
002 Measurement of distribution functions - the choice of observation times
003 Generating random variates from truncated distributions
004 Batch-means method and correlation of sample means
005 Conditional and Unconditional Mean Response Time of M/GI/N Queueing Systems
006 Numerical Instability of the M/D/1 System Occupancy Distribution
007 Progress in Computing of multi-rate Traffic Engineering Formulas
008 Simulation of periodic systems - the irrelevance of confidence intervals
009 Using M/M/. models on the packet level
010 Duration of simulations
011 Choosing the appropriate parameter range
012 Avoid the Normal (Gaussian) Distribution
013 Using data traces to drive simulations
014 Evaluating Complex Systems like the Internet and Mobile Networks
015 Pitfalls of the RWP mobility model
016 Simulation of Nonstationary Poisson Processes
017 Correlated Random Number Streams

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